Explore DeFilippo Playground and Feel the Fun

Located in the heart of the North End neighborhood, DeFilippo Playground is a hidden gem many may not know about. It may not be as famous or crowded as other parks in Boston, but it holds just as much charm and character. Originally built in 1914, it has undergone several renovations, making it a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

A History of Community and Resilience

DeFilippo Playground was named after John DeFilippo, an Italian immigrant who dedicated his life to serving the community. He opened a barber shop in the North End in 1904 and quickly became known as the unofficial mayor of the neighborhood. When the original park on this site was in danger of being demolished, DeFilippo led the charge to save it and even donated some of his property to expand the park. Today, the playground is a testament to his dedication and perseverance.

Fun for All Ages

DeFilippo Playground offers something for everyone. Children can enjoy playing on the swings or climbing the jungle gym, while adults can relax on the benches and enjoy the beautiful views of Boston Harbor. The park also features a basketball court and a small turf field for sports enthusiasts. And with plenty of shade from surrounding trees, it’s perfect for a picnic on a hot summer day.

Nearby Attractions

Aside from its charms, DeFilippo Playground is conveniently located near other popular attractions in Boston. Stroll down the Freedom Trail, which passes right by the park, and learn about the city’s rich history. Or head over to Hanover Street for some delicious Italian food and pastries. You can even catch a game at Fenway Park, just a short T-ride away.

A Hidden Gem Worth Discovering

DeFilippo Playground may not be as well-known as other parks in Boston, but that’s part of its appeal. It offers a peaceful and quaint escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or have fun with your family, this hidden gem is worth discovering. So, next time you find yourself in the North End, stop by DeFilippo Playground and experience its charm.

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