21 Best Museums in Miami to Explore, Florida

Miami is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and bustling nightlife. But there’s more to this sunny paradise than meets the eye. Nestled between the glitzy high-rises and oceanfront condos are some of the best museums in the country. From contemporary art to historical gems, here are some of the best museums in Miami to explore.

Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Miami

Located in the heart of Miami’s Design District, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) showcases some of the most innovative and thought-provoking contemporary art pieces from established and emerging artists. With a focus on promoting experimentation and new ideas, ICA constantly rotates its exhibitions to keep visitors engaged and inspired. In addition to its impressive collection, the museum offers educational programs and events for all ages.

Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

Nestled on the campus of Florida International University, the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum is a hidden gem for art lovers. The museum boasts a diverse collection of over 6,000 objects, from ancient artifacts to contemporary works. With both permanent and rotating exhibitions, visitors can expect to see a variety of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. The museum also offers guided tours and educational programs for those looking to delve deeper into the world of art.

Pérez Art Museum Miami

A must-visit for any art enthusiast, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is known for its impressive collection of modern and contemporary art worldwide. Located on Biscayne Bay, the museum offers stunning views and notable exhibitions. PAMM hosts regular events such as film screenings, artist talks, and live performances. And don’t forget to grab a bite at the delicious onsite restaurant Verde.

The Bass

Founded in 1963, The Bass is Miami Beach’s oldest contemporary art museum. With a focus on international contemporary art, the museum boasts an impressive collection of over 3,000 works from artists such as Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. In addition to its permanent collection, The Bass offers rotating exhibitions that showcase a diverse range of mediums and styles. Don’t miss the outdoor sculpture garden, perfect for a stroll on a sunny day.

Miami Children’s Museum

While not necessarily known as an “art museum,” the Miami Children’s Museum offers unique art experiences for children of all ages. With interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, kids can learn about different art forms while having fun. The museum also has a permanent collection that includes pieces from renowned artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. It’s a perfect place for families to spend an educational and entertaining day together.

Haitian Heritage Museum

Located in Little Haiti, the Haitian Heritage Museum celebrates Haiti’s rich culture and history through its diverse collection of art, artifacts, and documents. The museum also offers educational programs and events that showcase the vibrant culture of Haiti, including music, dance, and traditional crafts. Not only does this museum provide a unique art experience, but it also promotes cultural understanding and appreciation.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Step back in time at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a stunning estate businessman James Deering once owned. The museum features an extensive collection of European art and furnishings, breathtaking gardens, and a waterfront view. Visitors can take guided tours through the main house to learn about the history and design of the estate. Make sure to walk around the outdoor gardens to experience the beauty and tranquility of this hidden gem.


For those interested in learning about the history of Miami, a visit to HistoryMiami is a must. The museum showcases the city’s vibrant past through its artifacts, photographs, and documents collection. Visitors can explore interactive exhibitions covering various topics, from Native American culture to modern-day Miami. And with regular events and programs, there is always something new to discover at HistoryMiami.

Coral Castle

For a unique and mysterious art experience, head to Coral Castle in Homestead. This stone structure was built single-handedly by Latvian-American artist Edward Leedskalnin using coral rock. Visitors can take guided tours through the castle to learn about its fascinating history and the intricate carvings that decorate the property. It’s a one-of-a-kind attraction that showcases the power and beauty of art in its most unexpected form.

The Wolfsonian

Located in the heart of South Beach, The Wolfsonian is a museum unlike any other. Housed in a stunning Mediterranean Revival building, this museum showcases art and design objects from the 1850s to the 1950s. The collection includes over 180,000 pieces, from furniture and household items to posters and propaganda materials. Visitors can take a self-guided tour or join one of the docent-led tours for a more in-depth look at the exhibits. The Wolfsonian also hosts special events and exhibitions throughout the year, making it a must-see for any art lover visiting Miami.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum that celebrates street art and graffiti. This colorful attraction covers over 80,000 square feet of walls with larger-than-life murals by some of the world’s most renowned street artists. Visitors can wander through the open-air gallery free of charge and admire the stunning artwork from all angles. The neighborhood surrounding Wynwood Walls also has plenty of trendy cafes, shops, and galleries, making it the perfect place to explore an afternoon.

Museum of Graffiti

Located in the heart of Wynwood, the Museum of Graffiti is dedicated to showcasing the history and evolution of graffiti art. The exhibits feature works from both local and international artists, highlighting the diverse styles and techniques within this often-misunderstood art form. The museum also offers guided tours and workshops, providing visitors with a deeper understanding and appreciation for graffiti as an art form.

Museum of Illusions

For a unique and interactive experience, head to the Museum of Illusions in Miami Beach. This family-friendly attraction features over 50 exhibits that challenge your perception and mess with your mind. From optical illusions to holograms and interactive installations, this museum is a playground for the curious and imaginative. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as there are plenty of photo-worthy moments to capture.

World Erotic Art Museum

For a more risqué experience, check out the World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach. This one-of-a-kind collection features over 4,000 pieces of erotic art worldwide, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary works. The museum is a celebration of human sexuality and aims to educate and enlighten visitors on this often-taboo topic. Keep an open mind and be prepared to blush as you explore this unique museum.

Jewish Museum of Florida

Located in the historic Art Deco district, the Jewish Museum of Florida showcases over 250 years of Jewish history, culture, and art in the state. The museum is housed in two beautifully restored synagogues, providing visitors a unique setting to learn about Jewish heritage and traditions. The exhibits include artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that tell the story of the Jewish community in Florida.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is a must-visit for train enthusiasts of all ages. Located in Miami’s historic Hialeah Park, this museum features an impressive collection of railcars and locomotives from the early 20th century. Visitors can tour the exhibits, ride on a vintage train, or even drive a real diesel locomotive simulator.

Rubell Museum

The Rubell Museum is a contemporary art museum that showcases the private collection of Don and Mera Rubell. The 100,000-square-foot space features over 7,000 pieces of art from some of the most influential artists of our time. The exhibits constantly rotate, so there’s always something new to see at this cutting-edge museum.

Lowe Art Museum

Located on the University of Miami campus, the Lowe Art Museum is home to over 19,000 works of art from ancient to contemporary times. The collection includes European and American paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and collections from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The museum also hosts educational programs and special events throughout the year.

El Espacio 23

This private art museum is a hidden gem in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood. El Espacio 23 features contemporary art from Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on Cuban artists. The exhibits are curated by collector and real estate developer Jorge M. Perez, who founded the renowned Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Coral Gables Museum

This museum showcases the city’s rich history and architecture in the historic Coral Gables area. The exhibits explore the development of Coral Gables through art, artifacts, and interactive displays. Visitors can also take a guided walking tour of the neighborhood to see its iconic buildings and landmarks.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is not just for train enthusiasts – it also has something for aviation lovers. The museum features a collection of vintage planes and helicopters from the early 20th century, including military aircraft and even an actual Air Force One plane used by presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Visitors can explore the exhibits at their own pace or take a guided tour to learn more about these fascinating flying machines.

Whether you’re an art lover, history buff, or train enthusiast, these three museums in Miami offer a unique and enriching experience. From contemporary art to historic trains, you’ll get a taste of this beautiful city’s vibrant culture and diverse heritage. So, make sure to add these best museums to visit in Miami to your travel itinerary and have a memorable trip.

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