11 Best Fun Things to Do in Hillsboro Village Nashville

If you’re planning a trip to Nashville and are looking for unique and fun things to do, be sure to add Hillsboro Village to your itinerary. Hillsboro Village is a charming and vibrant neighborhood located just a few miles south of downtown Nashville. This eclectic and lively area offers an array of activities for tourists, from colorful murals to delicious food to unique shopping experiences. Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying for a while, here are some of the best things to do in Hillsboro Village, Nashville.

Drippy Lips Mural

One of the most iconic and Instagram-worthy spots in Hillsboro Village is the Drippy Lips mural located on Belcourt Avenue. This vibrant and whimsical artwork features oversized pink lips dripping with colorful paint, making it a popular spot for photos. Created by local artist Kim Radford, the mural adds a fun and playful touch to the neighborhood.

Hillsboro Village Mural

Another must-see mural in the area is the Hillsboro Village mural located on 21st Avenue. This colorful and eye-catching artwork celebrates the history and charm of the neighborhood, featuring landmarks such as Pancake Pantry and Belcourt Theatre. It’s a great spot for a photo op or simply to admire the local art scene.

Jeni’s Ice Cream

After snapping some photos at the murals, cool off with a sweet treat from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. This popular ice cream shop offers unique and delicious flavors such as Brambleberry Crisp and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s no wonder Jeni’s is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Pancake Pantry

Speaking of sweet treats, no trip to Hillsboro Village is complete without a visit to Pancake Pantry. This beloved breakfast spot has been serving up fluffy pancakes and other mouth-watering dishes since 1961. With over 20 different types of pancakes to choose from, including the famous sweet potato pancakes, you’ll definitely want to stop by for a delicious breakfast or brunch.

Molly Green Mural

Another stunning mural in Hillsboro Village is the Molly Green mural located on 21st Avenue. This colorful and whimsical artwork features blooming flowers and a quote from Emily Dickinson, adding a touch of positivity and inspiration to the neighborhood. It’s a perfect spot for an #OOTD photo or simply to admire the beautiful art.

Belcourt Theatre

For a dose of culture and entertainment, head over to Belcourt Theatre. This historic theater has been a staple in the Nashville community since 1925, showcasing independent and foreign films as well as hosting live events such as concerts and comedy shows. With its cozy atmosphere and diverse programming, it’s a must-visit spot for any movie buff or art lover.

Hey Rooster General Store

For a unique shopping experience, make sure to stop by Hey Rooster General Store. This charming boutique offers a curated selection of locally made goods, perfect for souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home. From handcrafted jewelry to artisanal food products, you’ll find plenty of one-of-a-kind items to take home with you.

Fannie Mae Dees Park

If you’re looking for some greenery and outdoor activities, head over to Fannie Mae Dees Park. This 8-acre park features a playground, walking trails, and an iconic dragon sculpture that kids (and adults) can climb on and explore. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic, a game of frisbee, or simply to relax and soak up the sun.


For a unique dining experience, try out Pangaea. This cozy restaurant offers an eclectic fusion of Latin American and Asian cuisine, with dishes such as Korean BBQ tacos and Peruvian ceviche. With its creative menu and inviting atmosphere, it’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Belmont Mansion

Last but not least, make sure to visit the beautiful Belmont Mansion. This stunning antebellum home offers guided tours that take you through its rich history and grand architecture. With its lush gardens and scenic views of the city, it’s a must-see attraction for anyone interested in history and architecture.

Franklin Acklen Cheatham

For a taste of Southern charm, visit the historic Franklin Acklen Cheatham house. This beautifully preserved home offers guided tours that give visitors a glimpse into the life of a wealthy family during the Civil War era. With its elegant furnishings and rich history, it’s a must-visit for history buffs and anyone looking for a unique cultural experience.

Hillsboro Village offers something for everyone. From colorful murals to delicious food to historic landmarks, this charming neighborhood is full of hidden gems waiting to be explored. So, next time you’re in Nashville, make sure to add these activities to your list and experience all that Hillsboro Village has to offer!

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