7 Best Things to Do in Mission Hills San Diego

Mission Hills, San Diego, is known for its picturesque streets lined with historic homes and beautiful gardens; this neighborhood offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern entertainment. If you’re planning a trip to California, add Mission Hills to your itinerary. With various activities, you’ll never run out of things to do in Mission Hills San Diego.

Mission Hills

Located just a short distance from downtown San Diego, Mission Hills is a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood that has retained its old-world charm. Originally developed in the early 20th century, this neighborhood boasts stunning Spanish-style homes and lush gardens that will transport you back in time. Stroll through the neighborhood to admire the beautiful architecture, or stop by one of the many cafes and restaurants to taste local cuisine.

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Look no further than the iconic Spruce Street Suspension Bridge! This pedestrian bridge, built in 1912, is a popular spot for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts. Walk across the wooden planks while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding canyon and city skyline. Don’t forget to snap some Instagram-worthy pictures along the way!

Cinema Under the Stars

For a unique outdoor movie experience, head over to Cinema Under the Stars. This charming open-air theater offers a cozy and intimate setting for movie buffs to enjoy their favorite films under the stars. Snuggle up with your loved ones on comfortable lounge chairs, or bring a blanket to spread out on the grass. With various classic, indie, and foreign films being screened throughout the week, there’s something for everyone at this popular attraction.

Harper’s Topiary Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and step into the enchanting world of Harper’s Topiary Garden. This hidden gem in Mission Hills features over 50 beautifully sculpted topiaries, including animals, geometric shapes, and even a replica of the Eiffel Tower! Take a self-guided tour through the garden and marvel at the intricate details of these living sculptures. Don’t forget to bring your camera – you’ll want to capture this unique experience!

Balboa Park

No trip to San Diego is complete without a visit to Balboa Park. Located just minutes from Mission Hills, this 1,200-acre park offers many activities for all ages. Admire the stunning architecture of the park’s many museums, visit the famous San Diego Zoo, or take a leisurely walk through one of the many gardens. You could easily spend an entire day at Balboa Park with so much to see and do.

Coin-op Game Room

Unleash your inner child at the Coin-op Game Room. This popular hangout spot in Mission Hills features a variety of vintage and modern arcade games, pinball machines, and classic consoles. Grab some friends and challenge them to a game while enjoying craft beers and delicious bites from the on-site kitchen. With its laid-back atmosphere and fun selection of games, Coin-op is the perfect place to unwind and have some fun.

Liberty Public Market

For a taste of local cuisine, head over to Liberty Public Market. This bustling marketplace features various food vendors, offering everything from gourmet sandwiches to fresh seafood. Take your pick of delicious bites and enjoy them in the indoor or outdoor seating areas while soaking in the lively atmosphere. Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs from the artisanal vendors before you leave!

With its rich history, charming architecture, and endless entertainment options, Mission Hills San Diego is a must-visit destination for any traveler. From scenic walks to thrilling adventures, this neighborhood has something for everyone. 

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